A1.     Egg Roll (3)                                               $2.99

A2.     Pot Sticker (4)                                           $4.99

A3.     Fried Won Ton (8)                                      $3.99

A4.     Crab Cheese Puffs (6)                                $3.99

A5.     Chicken Salad                                            $5.99


SOUP               $ 5.99


A6.     Hot and Sour Soup                                     

A7.     Egg Flower Soup                                                    

A8.     Chicken and Corn Soup                                         

A9.     Vegetables with Bean Curd Soup               

A10.   Wor Wonton Soup  $ 6.50                         

A11.   Seafood Soup         $ 6.99                                     


VEGETABLE   $ 6.99


A12.   Tofu w/ Brown Sauce                                           

A13.   Ma Po Tofu                                                

A14.   Eggplant in Spicy Garlic Sauce                              

A15.   Dry Sauteed String Beans   

A16.   Vegetable Deluxe                                       

A17.   Kung Pao Tofu                                                      

A18.   Fresh Broccoli w/ Oyster Sauce                             

A19.   Fresh Broccoli w/Hot & spicy Garlic Sauce


CHICKEN      $ 7.50


A20.   Lemon Chicken                                                     

A21.   Sweet & Sour Chicken                                           

A22.   Cashew Chicken                                                    

A23.   Broccoli Chicken                                                   

A24.   String Beans w/ Chicken                                        

A25.   Tofu Chicken w/ Brown Sauce                              

A26.   Kung Pao Chicken                                     

A27.   Hot & Spicy Chicken in Garlic Sauce                    

A28.   Sesame Chicken                                                     

A29.   Orange Peel Chicken                                              

A30.   Mongolian Chicken                                    

A31.   Curry Chicken                                                       

A32.   Chicken w/ Assorted Vegetables

Mushroom Chicken on Sizzling Plate      $ 8.50            


PORK         $ 7.50      


    A43.   Sweet & Sour Pork                                 

    A44.   Hot & Spicy Pork in Garlic Sauce

    A45.   Pork in Satay Sauce

    A46.   Hunan Pork

    A47.   Broccoli w/ BBQ Pork

    A48.   Pork Chop w/ Mandarin Sauce

    A49.   Salt & Pepper Pork Chop   


BEEF       $ 7.99


    A33.    Broccoli Beef    

    A34.    String Beans w/ Beef

    A35.   Tofu Beef w/ Brown Sauce

    A36.    Kung Pao Beef

    A37.    Hot & Spicy Beef in Garlic Sauce          

    A38.   Sesame Beef

    A39.    Orange Peel Beef           

    A40.   Mongolian Beef

    A41.   Beef w/ Assorted Vegetables     

    A42.   Curry Beef

      Beef on Sizzling Plate (Black pepper)       $ 8.99


SEAFOOD   $ 8.50


    A55.  Cashew Prawns

    A56.   Prawns w/ Assorted Vegetables

    A57.   Broccoli Prawns

    A58.   Kung Pao Prawns

    A59.   Sweet & Sour Prawns

    A60.   Hot & Spicy Prawns in Garlic Sauce

    A61.   Honey Walnut Prawns       $ 9.99

    A62.   Sesame Prawns

    A63.   Curry Prawns

    A64.   Szechuan Style Fish Fillet                                  

    A65.   Fish Fillet w/ Black Bean Sauce                   

    A66.   Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet                                     

    A67.   Orange Peel Fish Fillet                           


FRIED RICE              


A68.   Vegetable Fried Rice                   $ 6.50

A69.   BBQ Pork Fried Rice                   $ 6.50                  

A70.   Chicken Fried Rice                       $ 6.50

A71.   Beef Fried Rice                           $ 6.50

A72.   Prawns Fried Rice                       $ 7.50

A73.   Combination Fried Rice                $ 6.99




A74.   Vegetable Chow Mein                 $ 6.50

A75.   BBQ Pork Chow Mein                 $ 6.50

A76.   Chicken Chow Mein                    $ 6.50

A77.   Beef Chow Mein                         $ 6.50

A78.   Prawns Chow Mein                     $ 7.50

A79.   Combination Chow Mein              $ 6.99

A80.  Combination Noodle Soup            $ 6.99

         Pan Fried Hong Kong Noodles      $ 7.50




A81.   Vegetable Chow Fun                     $ 6.50

A82.   BBQ Pork Chow Fun                     $ 6.50

A83.   Chicken Chow Fun                        $ 6.50

A84.   Beef Chow Fun                             $ 6.50

A85.   Prawns Chow Fun                         $ 7.50

A86.   Combination Chow Fun                  $ 6.99



                           Steamed Rice $1.00